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3d model of a spine for education

Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC
Events & Community Outreach

Are you interested in bringing a workshop or health screening to your office, club or group? We are happy to help! Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC is proud to offer these engaging and insightful programs.

Postural Screenings

The doctors check spinal alignment using S.A.M. (Spinal Analysis Machine) and provide information on how functional problems can be affecting a person’s overall health. Book us today for your employee health fair or community event!


Pressure Point Therapy

Pressure points are areas of muscle tightness in the body. They can be caused by stress and irritation to the nervous system. This irritation can lead to headaches, chronic pain and fatigue. Learn a technique to do at home that will help relieve:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Neck Pain
  • Pain in Upper and Mid Back and between the Shoulders
  • Wrist and Arm Pain
  • Headaches

Your employees will love this event!

Achieve Your Peak Performance

This presentation is one of our favorites. We address common sense factors that can affect the body’s ability to perform. Energy, stress, nutrition and exercise are discussed. We inform participants of basic stretches to help them avoid work place injuries and review “Do’s and Don’ts” of lifting, sitting, etc. Handouts are provided. This presentation hits a lot of interesting areas.

Balancing Hormones Naturally

In today’s world, many women find themselves battling PMS, headaches and muscle aches. All of these symptoms (and many more) can be caused by hormonal imbalance. This workshop will explain the many causes of hormonal imbalance and the many natural solutions to a problem the concerns half our population.

Stay Fit While You Sit

Teaches proper sitting and lifting techniques. We also go over ergonomic strategies to prevent injuries and educate participants about personal bad habits they may have that could be causing structural weaknesses.

Health and Stress

Who doesn’t have stress? But do you know how it affects your body’s ability to function? We go over some of the basic symptoms of stress and natural easy ways to manage this daily annoyance.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you or someone you know have pain or numbness in the wrist or hand? Does your job put you at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome? This workshop gives you an understanding of this condition and the postures, jobs, drugs that can cause it. Non-drug, non surgical solutions will also be discussed.


Most everyone over 30 has some type of arthritis, whether they are experiencing pain or not. This slide presentation goes over the different types of arthritis, what areas of your body are at risk and prevention of arthritis and its worsening.

Understanding Fibromyalgia

It is estimated that Fibromyalgia affects at least 6 million Americans.

What are the symptoms? Who’s at risk? How can it be treated?

Our presentation explains this complicated condition and the different treatment options available.

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