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Why Carlisle Residents Love Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC

Review some patient testimonials below to see how Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC can help you!

Impressed With the Entire Office

The customer service was OVER THE TOP!!! I was so impressed with how quickly my body improved. I was also very surprise to understand your office does more than adjustments. I plan on looking into the nutrition and supplements you provide. Your office gave me hope to improve my health.

I also like the way the office functioned. Like a well oiled machine. Everyone was focused on the work at hand and patience. To walk into an office where everyone has a smile gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. A very positive and caring environment. Thanks so much.

Fran M.


Very Knowledgeable

Everyone at the practice were more than accommodating. They seem very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I will be returning for follow ups and encourage anybody that needs help in this line of practice to give them a try. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Michael K.


Great Experience

My experience has been great! I am very pleased we found you.

Donna H.


Thank You!

Appreciate the concerted effort by the staff to get me ready for my hunting and fishing trips. I’ll keep going knowing you guys can put me back together!!!

John B.



I was so impressed with how efficient the office performed with such a large influx of patients today. The flow through from the waiting room was excellent!

Dick S.


Something I should have done years ago!

Feel better and comfortable after the first visit, looking forward to being even better! Defiantly something I should have done years ago! I’ve left it go to far but willing to stay on track now!

Crystal F.


New to Chiropractic

Very good experience for someone who had never been to a chiropractor.

Michelle Y.


Neck Pain Relieved!

My neck has caused me constant pain for many years. After my first adjustment the pain in my neck pain was for the most part gone and manageable.

Viki M.


Nervousness Gone & Pain is Better

I felt heard out about my pain. That made me feel calm and made me know I was in good care. The doctor walked me through things with understanding that I was a little nervous. Everyone was kind from the moment I opened the door. My pain has been so much more bearable and with each visit has gotten better!

Jennifer H.


Treated Very Well

Treated with kindness, everyone very professional.

Robert C.


Very Impressed

This practice has an very streamlined and comprehensive care flow. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Doctor availability and extended office hours offer many options for care after work. I am a health care provider , I am extremely impressed with the care offered at Casses and plan to refer my own patients to this practice in the future.

Judith C.


Very Pleased

I was very pleased with the professional atmosphere and staff. I will become a long time patient and would highly recommend the practice to my friends and neighbors.

Belinda K.


Caring Staff

The experience left me feeling like the staff really cared about the well being of my daughter and the assistance they could provide for her recovery.

David M.


Therapies After Car Accident Helped

Thank you Dr. Scott after my car accident for making and taking the time to adjust my back and use the helpful therapies that you’ve chosen for me. It works. Thank You again.

Karen S.


Casses Chiropractic Really Cares

Very nice staff and I felt like they really cared about me. What they did helped my neck problems. Thank you!!!

Nancy S.


Immediate Care After an Accident

When this happened, one of my first thoughts were “I need to get to our chiropractor…quick!” And of course, you saw me immediately! With only 2 treatments, I’m feeling better! Thank you!

Joe P.


Quick Results!

Today was great! We feel better already.

Becky G.


Friendly & Communicative Staff

Really friendly staff. Explained everything thoroughly like what the doctor was gonna be doing before the treatment.

Eric C.


Better Already & Hope Restored!

Dr Keller was extremely careful & helpful with me. The visit has given me hope that a few things that are wrong with me can be straightened out. Maybe the OH might go away! The pain in my hip is better already.

Edward P.


Excellent First Visit!

Looking forward to more treatment to increase the flexibility in my shoulder area. My first visit was excellent and everyone was helpful and informative.

Donna L.


Accessible & Great Experience

Several friends recommended you. I was so pleased that there was an appt time open right away, because of course it might be full for weeks (to be a new patient)–and my whole experience was great! I have just scheduled an appt for one of my kids (first time ever chiro visit). I’m confident that we will be on the right track to help her with hip/knee/foot aches. Plus–thanks for the fruit and donut holes!!! : )

Jennifer F.


Same Day Appointment

Got me in the day I called. Very professional & friendly staff. Made me feel comfortable & welcome.

Jason H.


Very Friendly

Everyone is very friendly and made me feel at ease.

Melanie J.


Very Impressed

I was very impressed with my first visit, and feel confident that I’ll be helped. Although it seemed unlikely that I’d find another practitioner who was as good as one I used to have (but who is now too far away to visit), Dr. Chastity proved to me that my worries were unfounded.

Carole D.


Friendly And Helpful

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Angela C.



Amazed at all the different therapies you have in addition to chiropractic.

Terry D.


Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC Did What No One Else Could

AlmaI had neck pain and left shoulder pain radiating into my arm for years. I had a hard time getting up in the morning and didn’t even feel like using my hands. Everyday activities like cooking and cleaning were difficult to do, because I could not lean forward because it hurt my neck to do so. It was difficult to perform my duties at work as a hairdresser.

I saw different chiropractors, used medications, and tried physical therapy and epidural injections. The injections relieved the inflammation but did not correct the problem.

I no longer have pain/pressure in my neck and can now feel my hand, and even have control in my hand.

I’ve had an awesome experience with the doctors and staff. I feel like my treatment is specific to me, not the same for everyone.

Alma H.



Staff was very friendly.

Donna N.


So Glad

So glad to have found this awesome practice!

Barbara A.


Understanding And Helpful

I’m very thankful that I was referred to this practice. The doctor is very understanding and helpful.

Bonnie T.



Very positive experience. I am hopeful.

Hatty M.


Happy To Be Back

I am happy to be back at this practice. I know that Dr. Rochelle will take great care of me and that I will feel better.

Breelynn M.


Slept Better

Dr. Keller was friendly, professional, and did an awesome job adjusting my hips and spine. My first visit was yesterday, and I slept better than I have in months! I am certainly looking forward to my next appointment.

Ann Marie B.


Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC ReviewNo More Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain or Numbness

I was having neck pain and shoulder discomfort that was achy and weird, tingling in my arm, and two fingers that were numb.

I had these symptoms for one month. I never dealt with chronic pain before, so one month was enough.

I was having trouble sitting on the floor with my son during story time at the library. I also had trouble sitting in a car, sitting at the dinner table and when sleeping.

I tried ibuprofen, which was not effective.

After 11 visits — I came three times a week for a while — my neck pain is gone, my shoulder discomfort is gone, and my finger numbness is all but gone too. I am amazed, so pleased, shocked at the impact. Dr. Scott showed me what was wrong on my x-rays and it made sense. Clearly it works!

Dr. Scott is very thorough, very clear. The staff are so nice, kind, accommodating, and understanding. I had my son with me. They are so polite and sweet.

Amy W.


Courteous And Helpful

Staff was very courteous and helpful. Dr. Keller took time to fully examine me so to make a good diagnosis of her own and not rely solely on my medical history and past chiropractic experiences. She expressed confidence that a good treatment plan would be implemented to decrease my over all pain and promote a healthier me.

Scott S.



Everyone made me feel at ease and comfortable. The staff were all pleasant and the physician explained everything thoroughly and made me hopeful that I would receive the treatment I needed, and I did!

Jelaina J.


Kind And Gentle

Everyone in the office is so kind and has just a gentle way about them. Dr. Scott has been very thorough and upfront about the treatment plan he thinks will work for me. I’m a first time patient in terms of neck discomfort and using chiropractic and wasn’t sure what to expect. After 3 visits so far I have more relief than I really thought possible and feel quite encouraged. I’m very pleased not to have to start right in with medications, injections or surgery. I would definitely recommend Casses to anyone who asked.

Amy W.


Positive Experience

An absolute positive experience with the entire staff, from front office to the practitioners themselves. They even help you fill out the paperwork. Very much a personal contact organization. Tops!

Vincent G.



I appreciate that what I said was heard and my concerns were met. That meant a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Cynthia D.



I would never have guessed how much relief I could obtain in just one visit. I feel like I have part of my life back.

Russ D.



The whole staff from the beginning to the end of my first appointment were very kind and were concerned about my needs. I felt much better after my appointment and will be going back to them for adjustments in my back and neck areas as needed!

Diane S.


Exceptional Treatment

Most thorough chiropractic exam & most in depth treatment I have ever experienced. Also, virtually painless adjustments, that was great. The massager & ESTIM felt great.

Sherri H.


Neck Pain

I have never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous. Dr. Keller provided excellent answers to my questions and explained everything before she did it. I came in with neck pain due to an auto accident and didn’t realize the extent of the damage until she examined me. I felt relief right away from my first adjustment! I am hopeful that with continuing treatment I will be back to 100%.

Tanya W.


Above and Beyond

My first visit was above and beyond anything that I could have expected. After just one neck adjustment (which is my major problem area),I already feel a positive difference. Everyone in the office was so nice; like I knew them all my life! Thank you so much for an incredible experience!

Lesa S.


Success with Laser Therapy

Thank you for your help. I have only had one laser session in which I feel 50% better. Looking forward to 100%! Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I will be referring you to my friends!

Barbara S.


Good Experience!

Everyone was very nice, explanation given when I asked questions. So overall a good experience.

Richard V.


Given Me Hope!

The reception staff were very welcoming and friendly. They are definitely an asset to the practice. Dr. Rochelle listened to me and made me feel comfortable sharing. She has given me hope!

Jeanna S.



I would recommend Casses to anyone. From the staff to the doctors and all I have come in contact with, they far exceed any other type of doctor’s office I have been to. The appointments are on time, they take the time to listen and they helped me tremendously after the first 3 visits.

Sarah R.


All the time you need!

On time, caring, educated. Takes the time to talk to you and explain course of action being taken in treatment. You never feel rushed or like you are just a number. Great personal care.

Matt C.


Spinal decompression worked for me!

I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care, but my life changed when I walked into Casses Chiropractic and was treated. For several visits I received manipulations, spinal decompression therapy and electric stimulation treatments. After several weeks of decompression treatments, I was able to walk upright and my pain was reduced.

I feel so blessed to be in the care of Casses Chiropractic. Dr. Scott, Dr. Chastity and Dr. Rochelle are truly committed to their patients’ well being, listen when concerns are shared, and offer guidance and explanations. They know that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

R. H.


Professional Environment!

New to this practice but not to chiropractic care. I could tell from the moment I stepped in the door that Casses Clinic is a professional, well-managed operation. This gave me immediate confidence that my chiropractic care would be successful.

Patrick S.


My back pain is gone!

Before chiropractic care I had constant back pain which made even the simplest task like sitting and getting out of bed very difficult. The pain had gotten to the point were I could barely get up and down out of a chair and walking was painful. Over the years my back pain was getting worse and I would have more bad days than good. I started taking over the counter medications made for back pain, muscle relaxers and strong pain relievers to control the pain which only helped temporarily. With chiropractic treatments, I do not have to take medications any more and I can enjoy life again. Don’t suffer just call Casses Chiropractic and get your life back.

Thank you Casses
Julie K.


Chiropractic helped me in a number of ways!

In July of 2010, I developed a persistent numbness in my left pinky and ring fingers. I sought relief from my G.P. who prescribed large quantities of Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants, all to no avail. I then began acupuncture therapy in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms, which seemed to help, but after developing debilitating muscle spasms in my lower back, I came to Casses Chiropractic at the end of October 2010. The adjustments and therapy had me mobile and relatively pain free in two months, while the numbness in my fingers has begun to subside as the nerve begins to heal. Two unexpected but quite welcome side effects of the treatments:

  • My headaches at work are gone. I used to take anywhere from 3-8 pain relievers daily just to get through the work day.
  • My dentist has been trying to get me to spend all manner of money on specialized tests and treatments for temporomandibular joint disorder, which are NOT covered by insurance. The clicking in my jaw has been significantly reduced and still continues to heal and improve.
Jared W.


The pain caused from my herniated discs is gone!

When I came to Dr. Scott he was my last resort. I had tried everything my doctor had suggested; cortisone shots, physical therapy and the nest step was surgery. I had talked to people who had tried chiropractic and was very happy with the consequences. The same day I saw the Ad in the paper with Dr. Scott Casses having the equipment for herniated discs and I made a call to his office and they took me in the same day and I discussed everything with Dr. Scott. He started to treat me the same day. I could hardly walk when I came into his office and now I can walk with no pain and each treatment I have is a plus to me. Dr. Scott is now my guardian angel. Thank you Dr. Scott.

Patsy R.


Chiropractic helps!

My name is Nancie, age 59, and in great health! I pride myself that I don’t have any prescriptions and have a high tolerance of pain, including being released on the same day as a traditional appendectomy. So it was odd when I woke up one morning and my shoulder felt like I slept on it “wrong”. As the day progressed, my arm was impossible to move and I fell to my knees in pain. I couldn’t dress myself, do my hair, get up and down from my bed, or sleep.

Both my husband and son had previous back issues and both dealt with traditional doctors to relieve the pain. Both received muscle relaxers and various treatments – but both ended up at a chiropractor for pain relief. Neither of them have had a recurrence of back issues. I had a choice – my medical doctor, my surgeon, or chiropractic services.

At my first visit, Dr. Scott told me that at some time in my life it was likely I suffered a whiplash injury. Vertebrae C5, C6, and C7 were in such decay that I had suffered loss of spinal curve with the muscles trying to stabilize the spine; thus the “frozen shoulder” was a symptom of the real problem. Dr. Scott felt that in about two weeks I would be able to move the shoulder joint and ligaments. I’m happy to say that the treatment enabled nearly full movement in about 7 days, allowing me to dress myself and comb my hair – not to mention sleep. The initial intensive care by Dr. Scott provided joint stability and reduced inflammation. Now he is working for more complete healing to the spine, underlying muscle and soft tissue damage.

The shoulder was my body’s way of telling me that my spinal health condition was deteriorated and I am continuing to choose chiropractic care to help me return to my lifestyle.

Nancie I.


Chiropractic helped my lower back pain!

I injured my lower back as a teenager and again in my early twenties. During the next 35 years I had occasional periods of back pain and a few chiropractic treatments would do the trick and kept me going.

Then beginning a year and one half ago, I started having severe back pain, with periods of comfort, but no resolution. I had x-rays and an MRI showing several herniated discs, one severe. Seven months ago I considered surgery, but postponed for three months of steroid epidural treatments which helped to some degree. I was taking multiple pain medications. Every morning was approached with dread for the first several hours of excruciating pain. I had radiating pain down my legs as if they were on fire and my knees hurt constantly. Any activity was painful- I was ready for surgery. Then I read about decompression therapy.

The first several treatments did little to reduce my pain, although I felt I could walk more erectly than I could for the prior six months. By treatment six, I had only occasional and short lived periods of pain.

I am nearing retirement and looking forward to relaxing in my country setting with gardening and many outside projects. Nine months ago I was seriously entertaining the idea of a public sale and moving to a place with little maintenance. I feel like I have a new lease on life with a brighter attitude as I have resumed my many outside chores involved with my few acres, pain free!

If you are in back trouble and decompression therapy is recommended – my advice is do it!

Jay P.


My lower back pain and sciatica are gone!

I seen an ad in my newspaper from Casses Chiropractic Clinic saying if you have any of these conditions can today. I had 3 of them, sciatica, neck and low back pain, so I thought I would give them a call. I am so thankful I did. The adjustments that Dr. Scott gave me sure did help. My low back pain and sciatica are gone and my neck is doing much better too. If you want relief from aches and pains do what I did and give them a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Gloria M.


No more back pain!

I found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. My back felt great after my first appointment and I’m looking forward to returning. Kudos to Dr. Keller. I highly recommend Casses to anyone with chiropractic needs.

Cynthia J.


Chiropractic for continued health

My first appointment at Casses chiropractic clinic was a fantastic and comforting experience and am looking forward with my continued treatment with the practice. The staff and doctor were friendly and extremely knowledgeable, putting me at ease within their care.

Anthony P.


Feeling much better!

I am very impressed with everyone so far!. I have never been to a chiropractor before, so was hesitant, but I feel so much better after only 2 treatments. I would highly recommend Casses to anyone!

Jennifer K.

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