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Products at Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC

At our practice, we aim to help patients feel their best when they’re with us and when they’re at home.

To help your body express its greatest health, we’re proud to offer a variety of products that may be beneficial to you. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about them at your next visit.

Take a look at the products you can find in our practice below.

Stopain Clinical

Stopain productsStopain Clinical helps with pain relief between adjustments. Stopain Clinical is only available for sale by healthcare professionals and is applied topically like BioFreeze. However, it differs from BioFreeze in that it has a higher percentage of Active Menthol. Some additional points of difference include:

  • Superior penetration enhancers which work faster to deliver more active ingredients to the pain site
  • Cutting edge polymer technology allows for a smoother glide and more consistent application.
  • Non-Irritating formula allows for application prior to taping and does not affect adhesive
  • Advanced sweat resistant formula
  • Contains MSM and glucosamine

Stoppain is available in roll-on bottle, spray bottle and gel tube.

Cervical pillow

Cervical Pillow

Difficulty sleeping? Waking up with a stiff neck? Check out our cervical pillow which offers support for your neck and spine.

The Sleep-Rite pillow has an indented center that allows your neck to rest in a natural position allowing your spine to regain its natural curve. It helps to improve circulation and breathing, relaxes muscles so you wake refreshed and decreases pain and discomfort.

Ask us if a cervical pillow is right for you at your next visit.

lumbar back pillow for back pain relief.

Lumbar Pillow

Need more support in your home or office chair? Do you get low back pain while driving your car?

Check out our lumbar support cushion which can be used at home, in your office or in your car to provide that extra support you need while sitting.

This is an ideal product for those who work long hours in the office or the perfect addition to your home study.

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