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Meet Massage Therapist, Danel Berman

Danel Berman Carlisle Massage Therapist

Danel Berman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Most of us do not consider what a valuable asset our health is until we lose it. When that happens, your daily life is affected and it takes a toll on you mentally and physically.

If these problem sound familiar, we want you to know a new professional at Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC is ready to help you!

Our Newest Team Member

We hope you’ve had the opportunity to meet our licensed massage therapist, Danel Berman. “My friends always told me I should consider massage therapy. After researching and talking to professionals in the field, I knew it was the path for me.” Danel is happy to be in such an exciting field, meeting new people and helping them get out of pain.

A Personalized Massage Experience

Danel’s massage sessions integrate various techniques, such as:

  • Swedish
  • Therapeutic
  • Deep Tissue

Since each client has their own individual needs, our massages will be tailored to what suits you. We’ll figure out a way to address your particular health issues and work toward making you feel better. Danel loves interacting with her clients and helping them in any way she can.

The Chiropractic Connection

Danel saw chiropractors prior to joining Casses Chiropractic Clinic, PC and had even researched chiropractic while in massage school. “Chiropractic and massage complement one another. Chiropractic works on bones and joints, while massage concentrates more on the soft tissues of the body.” Muscle memory can pull your joints back out of alignment.”

Having both chiropractic and massage combines the best of both worlds and has a great effect on improving health.
Danel Berman

Education and Interests

Danel completed her undergraduate studies in psychology at Ursinus College She graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Danel then attended McCann School to obtain her massage therapy education, graduating with high honors. Danel is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and a PA licensed massage therapist (License # MSG010404).

Danel likes being involved in anything academic and attends lectures and events at Dickinson College. She is passionate about volunteer work and donates her time to Project Share. She’s interested in fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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