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Unlearning Bad Habits

The Charles Barkley Project – Check it Out Here

If you decide to take up golf without investing in a few lessons first (like our friend former NBA All Star, Charles Barkley did) you’re bound to develop some bad habits. And once those bad habits get locked into muscle memory, don’t expect a few training sessions to fix it!  It’s going to take time and repetition to undo the damage.

Likewise, if your spine develops poor alignment and dysfunction from years of bad habits (i.e. not being checked for Subluxations regularly), don’t expect a few sessions at the Chiropractor’s to reverse the damage. A corrective care schedule is likely needed to re-train ‘normal’ back into your spine—undoing years of structural weakness, faulty muscle memory and abnormal motion. The good news? Just like proper training and practice can eventually improve a bad golf swing, proper adjustments and a consistent schedule can improve poor spinal mechanics—reducing the threat of bigger problems down the road.

Undoing bad habits takes time, effort and commitment. But with the right coaching, hard work and a strong desire to change—you can get it done. Make sure you follow the recommended care plan developed by your Chiropractor to get the results you’re hoping for.

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